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Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty is designed to:

  • Reduce emissions such as BTEX benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene. Eliminate or reduce water vapour that act as a carrier of VOCs that add to odour problems
  • Reduce heat loss resulting in lower operating costs. Insulation for liquid surface in a heated crude oil tank lowers operating costs for CHOPS facilities and central processing batteries.
  • Reduce offensive and carcinogenic BTEX odours.
  • Reduce tank head space corrosion by lower levels of humidity above the liquid level.
  • Reduce or possibly eliminate expensive defoaming chemicals.
  • Reduce energy needed to reach optimum process temperatures.
  • Reduce the amount of water vapour generated as steam. Steam causes icing of the thief hatch and the transport of other odours from the tank.


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Hexacover for oil and gas
Hexacover for oil and gas
Hexacover for oil and gas
Hexacover for oil and gas

Hexacover for oil and gas industry

By installing hexacover you eliminate the use of expensive chemicals and additives. Hexacover has over 3000 installations in the oil and gas industry reducing running cost and improving the environment.


Install hexacover via thief hatch for oil and gas industry.

Over 3000 installions inworld wide.

Install hexacover via side door for oil and gas industry.

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