Water & Wastewater – Installation


Hexa-Covers are packaged in large bags, tagged and ready for transportation to the site.

Bulk Bags are easily dropped at the site. The Hexa-Covers once placed into the water will gradually interlock with each other creating a floating cover.

The Hexa-Cover has been designed as a hexagonal element with symmetric ribs on each side. The ribs make the floating elements distribute themselves naturally and uniformly on the liquid surface without overlapping.

A specific gravity of 0.5 kg./l ensures that the elements will be level with the surface.

The unique design makes the elements interlock by wind pressure and ensure that the Hexa-Cover tiles mechanically constitute a coherent cover.

Whenever needed the floating tiles can be simply pushed aside for easy access to the water.

Stop algae and evaporation calculate how many Hexacovers are required here