Hexacover for oil and gas
Hexacover for oil and gas

Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty
The unique and patent pending Hexa-Cover® Floating Cover is perfect on almost any type of Oil & Gas tank.

Engineered and manufactured in Canada under license from Hexa-Cover® Denmark the Hexa-Cover® Oil and Gas Duty  product has proven to be an effective and efficient option for hot heavy oil duty applications such as CHOPS, Diluted Bitumen SAGD.


COVERS are designed as hexagonal shapes with symmetric ribs on both sides. The ribs allow for the floating structures to distribute naturally and uniformly on the liquid surface without overlapping to form an interconnecting blanket barrier at the surface of the heavy oil, impeding odours and vapours. A low density ensures that the COVERS will float above the surface of the heavy oil liquid. A special Helical scalloped edge allows the COVERS to interlock and form an integrated matrix.

Designed to

Reduce emissions such as BTEX benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene. Eliminate or reduce water vapour that act as a carrier of VOCs that add to odour problems
Reduce heat loss resulting in lower operating costs. Insulation for liquid surface in a heated crude oil tank lowers operating costs for CHOPS facilities and central processing batteries.
Reduce offensive and carcinogenic BTEX odours
Reduce tank head space corrosion by lower levels of humidity above the liquid level
Reduce or possibly eliminate expensive defoaming chemicals
Reduce energy needed to reach optimum process temperatures
Reduce the amount of water vapour generated as steam. Steam causes icing of the thief hatch and the transport of other odours from the tank.

Chemically compatible with heavy oil components up to temperatures of 100 °C and for SAGD dilbut sales tanks
Resistant to weight gain
Polymer is anti-static surface with a value of 3.7 x 1011 Ω
Resistant to thermal shock. Tested at -40 °C to +100 °C for sudden rapid temperature exposure
Can be installed while existing tanks are in operation
Oil & Gas Applications for Hexa-Cover® Products

SAGD Dilbut Sales Tanks
Sour Sand Slurry Tanks
Process Water Ponds
Purified Tailings Ponds
Frac Water Tanks
API Separator

Hexa-Cover® Oil & Gas Duty
Diagonal measure: 20.98 cm +/- .32cm
Height: 8.38cm +/- .127 cm
Weight: 286g +/- 16g
Density: 0.445g/cc +/- 2%
Plate thickness at sphere 1.78cm
Pate thickness at outer perimeter 1.14 +/- .127cm

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